Snips Media Launches Billboards to Drive Traffic and Revenue from Instagram

  • Posted on Mar 13, 2018

CHICAGO, IL — MARCH 13, 2018 – Snips Media today unveiled Billboards on, the latest addition to its suite of social media management tools for influencers and content creators. Influencers can publish their unique Billboard link into their Instagram bio, alleviating the need to constantly change the link when promoting new content or campaigns. Within their Billboard, influencers can promote any number of stories, campaigns, or other content, making it easier to drive traffic, track audience engagement, and monetize their social network.

While 87.1% of influencers say Instagram is their number one platform, brands are still struggling to measure ROI on influencer campaigns due to the limitations in placing links in posts. Most influencers rely on their Instagram bio link as the preferred method to promote content and measure engagement.

"You have only one opportunity to link out in Instagram, which hampers the ability to promote multiple stories or campaigns concurrently." said David Zaretsky, CEO and founder of Snips Media. "Snips now provides influencers with a seamless way of promoting and tracking any number of campaigns in Instagram from a single Billboard."

Within their Billboards, influencers can promote, track, and monetize Trending News, Campaigns, and Collections. Snips Billboards also features real-time analytics and reporting on all promoted content, allowing influencers to track social media engagements all the way through conversions or sales.

Snips Billboards are now available exclusively to members of the Snips Influencer Network, free of charge.