Five Reliable Metrics You Should Track For Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Posted on Aug 15, 2020
  • Sooim Kang

In order to effectively track your engagements, it's important that you manage more than just your earned revenue with every campaign that you run. Snips Media has recently launched their Social Analytics tool, which allows you to analyze detailed metrics across all your connected social media accounts.

You are now able to track overall audience growth and post engagement over a period of 30, 60, or 365 days. Social Analytics will measure your views, likes, comments, shares, paid engagements, and revenue on every one of your posts across all your different social media accounts. Here are five of those metrics to look out for:


The number of views is a helpful measurement that allows you to calculate the optimal times and days to upload. Your post could’ve been lost in the sea of other content on a follower’s feed if you uploaded at an unfortunate time when most people don’t log into the app. By tracking the number of views, you can measure which times attract the largest number of followers.

This is also a way to precisely measure the effectiveness of posting Instagram stories that feature your recent upload. You can compare the number of views you accumulated from a post that you shared to your story versus one where you didn't and see if that made a real difference or not in audience engagement.


More than just the number of likes itself, it is important to compare the number of likes to the number of views because this will reveal how many followers saw your post but didn’t care to like it. By calculating this ratio, you can then ask yourself what could further encourage your followers to like your posts and what specific type of content do people like the most.


If you are promoting any article or product, the number of shares you gather will be the most revealing metric as to how influential you are to your followers. It’s one thing for current followers to take your advice and trust your recommendation, but it’s an entirely different thing if they share your post to friends who may not know who you are. In other words, how many followers went out of their way to share your post to someone in their life? Was the post engaging or convincing enough for people to do that?

The higher the number of shares, the more likely you are able to organically grow your audience. This is the key to measuring the effectiveness of organic growth and to building natural trust between you and your followers.


By posting your campaign, how many people unfollowed you and how many new followers did you gain? This is a good question to ask yourself because it reveals to you what type of accounts are naturally attracted to your content and which ones aren’t.

This metric will also reveal if you’ve been posting too frequently and overloading your followers with content. If you’ve been posting the same type of content for too long, and you’re losing followers, maybe it’s time to switch things up.


The number of comments reveals how naturally engaging your content was. It’s easy to mindlessly like a post and quickly swipe past it, but if someone takes the time to stop scrolling and write out a comment, then this reveals how engaged your audience actually is with your content and not just with your influencer status. This is also a great way to measure and track which type of captions generate the most organic engagements.

Remember to check out your own Social Analytics page to see your audience growth and post engagements. Happy Snipping!