3 Reasons Why Influencers are not Always Influential

  • Posted on Jul 20, 2020
  • Nayelli Reyna

James Charles, Charli D'amelio, and David Dobrik are influencers that we all know and love. One is known for beauty, another for dancing, and the last for creating hilarious videos. Despite having different talents, they are all influential influencers. What do we mean by influential influencers? Well, when an influencer is actually influential, it is apparent that their audience copy and are inspired by their actions. Unfortunately, not all influencers are able to produce the same influence on their audience. Here is why.

​1. Most of their followers are fake.

Yes, it is true, there are many “influencers” out there that do have fake followers. It is easy to tell if you observe their likes to followers ratio, or simply look at their comment section. It is common for accounts with fake audiences to have a little amount of likes in their posts compared to the amount of followers. Additionally, if they happen to have a high fake likes count, their comment section often has generic and nonspecific responses. With a fake following, it is rare to see any proof that they have any influence on real followers.

​2. They don't interact with their audience

We know what you're thinking: how can an influencer not interact with their audience if that is their job? You would be surprised how many influencers participate in this unusual behavior. Each person has their reasons as to why they don’t feel the need to connect with their audience. No matter their reason, it definitely does not help their platform if they do not make an effort to get to know their audience. Without that connection, their followers are less likely to be influenced by them.

​3. They just aren't relatable

To thrive in the internet world as an influencer, showing the audience that you feel and experience life the same as them is crucial. Naturally, we as humans are drawn to those who are similar to us in some way. Moreover, we copy their behaviors if we really feel a liking toward a person, like your best friend or crush. Influential influencers show their audience that they can relate to them. This makes their followers see the value that the influencer brings to their life, and therefore are motivated to keep following and interacting with their content. Those who do not put any effort into showing their relatability are likely to lose loyal followers, as well as their influence on their community.


Now that you have the skills to identify an uninfluential influencer, if you know someone who exhibits these traits in their account, try to help them out by linking them to this article. We at Snips love to see all influencers reach their full potential!