What Exactly Are "Micro-Influencers"?

  • Posted on Jul 17, 2020
  • Kendall Job

The term influencer isn't exactly new to the world of digital marketing anymore, but the idea of a micro-influencer might be. Though numbers vary, there exists what is considered the "Influencer Tiers" of social media, which typically shows types of influencers and their ranking based on the size of their following. Let's delve further into who they are, what they do differently, and why they've become so successful.

Who They Are

Though numbers vary by platform, micro-influencers tend to have anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 followers on a given social media platform. This segment of influencers usually have a platform on their own niche topic, like fashion, food, and fitness, among others. They are accessible to brands because viewers see them as people like themselves - normal! They have a close relationship with their audience, and their audience is tight-knit, too.

What They Do

So… micro-influencers have a smaller following. Why would that get results with marketing efforts? Well, micro-influencers are really good with engagement. Their following may be smaller than others in the social media influencer world, but this is what helps them the most. Their engagement rates with their audience tend to be around 85% higher than those with a larger than 150,000 person following. This is because Micro-influencers come across as real and relatable people. They seem more personable and genuine than a celebrity with a lifestyle that can feel unattainable to the average person. Micro-influencer audiences trust them over bigger names, and it shows through their performance and engagement rates.

Why You Should Consider Them

An influencer's audience doesn't follow them for nothing! Followers like to stay up to date with influencers because they trust their opinions on the products or brands they choose to promote. For brands looking to work with influencers, think about the kinds of people your audience would follow on social media. Those are oftentimes the micro-influencers to work with because they can connect their audience with your brand.

Micro-influencers have taken off in the world of digital marketing and social media, with brands opting to work with individuals with a smaller following for a bigger payoff. Just because there's a huge celebrity name behind a campaign doesn't mean it will prove successful. Micro-influencers have the power of genuine engagement with smaller audiences. They can do wonders for brands who wish to connect with their target market through the use of influencer marketing.

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