Kick Up Your Social Media Engagements with Social Beats

  • Posted on Dec 10, 2017
  • Kelsey Hoff

The decline of the radio industry, simultaneous rise of free streaming platforms, and advances in social media have forever changed the dynamics of how hit songs and artists are discovered. Music lovers are swamped with more new music than they have time for, so music experts have become influencers who navigate the deluge of information for their fans by building a brand on social media in the new age of “influencer marketing.”

At Snips, we want to help emerging artists and songwriters reach new fans while also creating a platform for influencers to easily share and promote their favorite new tunes. Whether you are an influencer of music, fashion, food, travel or fitness, one thing we know is that social fans love great music. And of course discovering that one great song that ends up playing in your head all day long!

Upgrade Your Content Strategy with Music

According to the latest research on social media engagement, sharing media content like photos and videos increases audience engagement and makes it reachable to fans. As we humans have become more visually driven, social media has become increasingly media driven as well. A successful content strategy now requires both text and a visual component.

For music influencers, that could be as simple as sharing a song clip and a recommendation. But you don’t have to be a music influencer to promote a great song.

Snips Social Beats is an easy way to incorporate music into your existing content strategy to organically increase engagement. Social Beats campaigns are ready-made music recommendation posts that include a video with a 30 second preview of the song playing over the album art, and a catchy headline and a short blurb about the content. Your post will stand out visually, and the music will keep your followers’ attention, drawing more comments and shares than text or an image alone.

Sharing Social Beats

Be the first to break emerging artists and new songs and boost your engagement rates by visiting the Snips Live Campaigns often to find the latest Social Beats.

Sharing Social Beats on most social media is as simple as sharing a link, but uploading media is always a great way to increase engagement. To share Social Beats on Instagram or Snapchat, first download the media file from the Live Campaign to your smartphone, then upload the video in the Instagram or Snapchat app. Add the Snips shortened link for the campaign in your Instagram or Snapchat post, along with a short caption, which you can take from the campaign title or description.

Each click you receive is trackable through Snips real-time analytics and Social Insights, allowing you to better understand your audience’s demographics and what interests them the most. Based on your Social Insights, you will be able to optimize your content strategy, and maximize engagement with the right type of content and at the right time.

Here are some great ideas on how to augment Social Beats campaigns with your own voice to drive higher engagement for authentic outreach:

  • Music creates meaning much faster than words can; amplify a song’s emotional resonance with your personalized message. Snip songs that motivate and inspire you, make you want to dance, or perfectly express the struggles you’re going through, creating an opportunity for your fans to empathize and feel a personal connection.
  • Put the music into context for your followers: what you love about the particular song, what you’re doing while you listen, or why you’re sharing it.
  • Stagger the campaigns with your own original content to create a consistent flow for your followers to engage with. Our Scheduled Posts tool makes this a breeze!
  • Choose songs and artists that capture your personality or aesthetic, reflecting the identity you want your fans to associate with your brand.
  • Tag the @artist and #songtitle in addition to other relevant trending hashtags for increased visibility.
  • Go beyond social media and embed the Social Beats campaign into a blog post, such as a music review. When you snip the campaign, click the Embed button to generate HTML code, then copy and paste it into your blog, or simply paste the shortened Snips link into your blog.


Start snipping Social Beats campaigns today!