Influencer marketing technology built on performance, transparency, and measurability.

Why influencers & brands LOVE Snips

Snips Empowers Influencers

Discover a powerful suite of tools and audience data to grow your audience, monetize your social networks, and measure fan engagement .

Through Snips, influencers can build their business successfully with the most advanced monetization and analytics platform that measures real performance and delivers metrics that matter most to brands.

Start earning revenue on the first day by simply sharing fun organic content, or by partnering with brands. You don't need a massive following, just a passion for connecting with fans and sharing great content.



Snips Fuels Brands

Snips delivers the world's first performance-driven influencer management platform that accurately measures ROI and rewards influencers on driving real, measurable results.

The most comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing influencer marketing programs, Snips offers influencer discovery, workflow management, pay-on-performance campaigns, anti-fraud protection, payment processing, deep audience analytics, and conversion reporting.

Whether you are running small or large influencer programs, Snips offers scalable and white-label solutions built on performance and transparency to power your influencer community.




Grow & Monetize Your Social Networks

The most powerful social media management and monetization platform for influencers.

Manage Content

Snip & share content, schedule posts, and manage all your social accounts all in one place.

Earn Revenue

Earn revenue by sharing fun, organic content, or by promoting brands and products.

Track Success

Track and gauge audience interests with real-time analytics and deep audience insights.


Reach Audiences, Drive Sales & Measure ROI

Build your influencer campaigns with Snips to easily scale and drive measurable results.

Discover Influencers

Search, organize, and manage a network of influencers and brand ambassadors ready to promote your brand and products.

Manage Workflow

Complete program management that includes communications, contracting, and payment processing all in one platform.

Measure Results

Pay-on-performance influencer campaigns, backed by real-time anti-fraud, analytics & conversion reporting, and measurable ROI.


Snips is the first performance-based influencer marketing platform that empowers influencers with business tools to grow their audience and monetize their social networks, while enabling brands to run performance-driven influencer programs built on true measurability & scale.