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TMZ - 10 hours 53 min ago
A man full of hate tried his best to destroy the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, but he got scared away ... and left his ax behind. The video tells the story ... the man drive up to the memorial site -- a block from where Derek Chauvin…...
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Clash Magazine - 19 hours 31 min ago
It was sparked by the death of George Floyd... Chicago project The N es returns with new single 'Revolution'. The track was informed by the energies of 2020, and the Black Lives Matter protests which swept the globe after the death of George Floyd. There's a sense of numbed horror at work in the track, giving rise to a desperate urge for something different, something better. Out now, it's a direct call for change, an anti-racist anthem, and it speaks eloquently about the lingering...
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The Guardian - 23 hours 18 min ago
Guardian investigation finds FBI failing to collect data from police departments on use of force where's the transparency? In the weeks after George Floyd was murdered, US police flooded the streets in more than 100 cities with some form of teargas, according to an analysis by the New York Times. A later analysis of 7,305 protest events in all 50 states, involving millions of attendees during May and June, found that police used teargas or related substances in about 183 of these events, or...
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