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New York Times - 2 hours 26 min ago
The president must be clear about what the court has done, and what it may yet do.
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Newser - 3 hours 27 min ago
In a pending criminal case against anti-abortion activists, a federal judge on Monday raised what CNBC is calling an "eyebrow-raising hypothetical" on the issue of a constitutional right to abortion. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with its ruling last year in Dobbs...
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ABC News - 6 hours 2 min ago
An attorney for Raheem Taylor is urging the Missouri Supreme Court to halt a "constitutionally intolerable event" — the potential execution of an innocent man...
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NPR - 13 hours 50 min ago
A major U.S. Supreme Court case from North Carolina about a once-fringe election theory may end up getting tossed out of the high court now that a state court in GOP hands is rehearing the case.
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New York Times - 13 hours 59 min ago
A new study found that undergraduate degrees from Princeton, along with Harvard and Yale, offer a leg up in getting a coveted Supreme Court clerkship.
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CNBC - 14 hours 8 min ago
The Supreme Court, with a majority opinion by Justice Samuel Alito, ruled there was no federal right to abortion, overturning its Roe v. Wade decision.
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CNN - 14 hours 25 min ago
Using an absurd standard set forth by the US Supreme Court in 2022, the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals just made it easier for abusive partners to employ deadly violence, writes Jill Filipovic, who argues the ruling sends a chilling message to American women.
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The Daily Beast - 15 hours 27 min ago
Chris Helgren/Reuters Banking heir and billionaire Alberto Safra has sued his mother and two of his brothers amid a dispute over his late father's fortune. Safra's suit, filed Monday in New York State Supreme Court, accuses his family members of purposely diluting his stake in the holding company for Safra National Bank in an effort to push him out of the family banking empire. Safra says his mother, Vicky Safra, and brothers, Jacob and David Safra, "engaged in various acts of corporate...
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The Independent - 16 hours 28 min ago
A federal appeals court has denied South Carolina Republicans' motion for a stay in the ongoing challenge over the state's congressional district map...
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Politico - 16 hours 33 min ago
The judge said the Supreme Court's ruling concluded only that the 14th Amendment included no right to abortion, but stopped short of definitively ruling out other aspects of the Constitution.
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Forbes - 21 hours 30 min ago
In the past 40 years, more than two-thirds of Supreme Court law clerks have graduated from one of just five law schools - Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and the University of Chicago, and 94% of the clerks have come from law schools ranked in the top 25 by U.S. News and World Report.
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Newser - 22 hours 24 min ago
A federal judge in Oklahoma has ruled that a federal law prohibiting people who use marijuana from owning firearms is unconstitutional, the latest challenge to firearms regulations after the US Supreme Court's conservative majority set new standards for reviewing the nation's gun laws. Lawyers for Jared Michael Harrison had argued...
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