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Nintendo Life - 54 min 53 sec ago
Story details have supposedly been leaked. If you're looking forward to Pok mon Legends: Arceus and want to avoid any spoilers, you might want to stay away from social media for the next week. It appears some trainers may have already got their hands on the anticipated release - with screenshots and information about the new title now emerging via social media platforms like Twitter. Read the full article on
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Screen Rant - 3 hours 8 sec ago
Pok mon Legends: Arceus gameplay and screenshots have been shared online, leaking gameplay for the new Pok mon game ahead of official release.
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Screen Rant - 5 hours 9 min ago
Pok mon Legends: Arceus uses the agile style and strong system, which is similar to the Brave and Default system from Bravely Default.
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Screen Rant - 6 hours 45 min ago
The best Noctowl PvP Counters in Pok mon GO will take advantage of the Pok mon's weaknesses to Rock-, Electric-, or Ice-type moves.
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IGN - 7 hours 52 min ago
Physical sales of Pok mon games in 2021 in the US were the best they've been since 2000, when Pok mon Gold and Silver first came out in the US.
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Nintendo Life - 8 hours 54 min ago
2000 would have taken some beating. The Pok mon Company enjoyed another cracking year in 2021 with plenty of new releases and success stories to write home about, including this latest little fact regarding physical sales. The NPD Group's Mat Piscatella has revealed that in 2021, dollar sales of Pok mon franchise physical software in the US reached the highest annual total since the year 2000. The success was down to last year's launches of Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and...
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Screen Rant - 10 hours 54 min ago
Pok mon Legends: Unova seems like a logical next step for the series, but the region's lore actually makes it a less likely candidate for a game.
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Screen Rant - 15 hours 17 min ago
Pok mon Sword and Shield's development team included young voices to help make the leap to the Nintendo Switch console, refreshing gameplay.
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Eurogamer - 16 hours 17 min ago
Nintendo is launching a Tetris 99 crossover event with Pok mon Legends: Arceus. The Maximus Cup event will run for a limited time from 20th January until 24th January. Read more...
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Screen Rant - 23 hours 54 min ago
Pok mon Legends: Arceus is going to give players a close look at Sinnoh, but die-hard fans already know these hidden details about the region.
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